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Edible Gardening Project’s Harvest Competition results

This year we’ve had to be a little inventive with our Harvest Produce Competition. Usually the competition is open to community gardens and groups, but we know that some many of you have found solace in your gardens and allotments, and particularly in growing your own food, over the Covid-19 lockdown. For this reason the team decided to open the competition to a wider range of people and accept online submissions for the first time. Well done to all who entered.

Harvest Festival produce competition

If you’ve been growing your own vegetables this year why not take part in the Edible Gardening Project’s harvest festivities? Take part in our produce competition by submitting your photos and help us celebrate our love of homegrown veg!

Reflections on my first growing season as Community Gardener with the Edible Gardening Project

Community Gardener Lizzie Oldroyd joined the Edible Gardening team in May, here are a few of her reflections on┬áher first growing season at RBGE; The fingertips are nipping…

10 reliable vegetables to grow in Scotland

If you have recently acquired an allotment or garden choosing which vegetables to grow can seem daunting. Here is a list of 10 tried and tested vegetables to…

A frosty morning in the edible garden

A heavy frost brings out the beauty of the edible garden in winter. It also demonstrates the hardiness of some of the crops. Enjoy these photos as they…