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Main Glasshouse Range

The radical design of the main range of glasshouses, opened in 1967, has been hailed as one of the most innovative in the 20th Century.

Temperate Lands House

Along the walkway and in the glasshouse below it, are plants from Mediterranean climates all over the world. In this area you will find plants from the Southern Europe, Western Australia, California, South Africa and some parts of South America.

Lowland Tropics House

The plants on display in this house are from the same geographical region as the Montane Tropics House (South-East Asia). This wet-warm habitat has driven the huge diversity of plants which can be found in this region.

Montane Tropics House

Holding collections from the mountain regions of South-East Asia (Borneo to Indonesia and the island of New Guinea) this house showcases one of the long term research groups – the Vireya Rhododendrons.

Arid Lands House

This house displays some of the adaptations plants have made to the prolonged droughts and extreme temperatures of the desert regions across the world.

Rainforest Riches House

As you walk in to this house you are greeted by the heat and humidity of a South American rainforest, one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet.

Plants and People House

Whilst the tropical plants in this house may be unfamiliar, the products produced from them are part of your daily life.

Ferns and Fossils House

Get transported back through time to when dinosaurs ruled the earth. The ferns, horsetails, mosses, liverworts and conifers on display in this house are among the most ancient groups of plants having been around for over 350 million years.

Orchids and Cycads House

Here you will find plants from the opposite ends of the evolutionary scale. At the one end we have the primitive cycads, whilst at the other are orchids, some of the most sophisticated groups of plants.

Tropical Palm House

This is the oldest of the glasshouses, built in 1834, at the time it was largest of its kind in Britain.

Temperate Palm House

The temperate palm house was built in 1858 by Robert Matheson with a grant of £6,000 from Parliament. At 21.95m (72ft) tall this is the tallest glasshouse in the UK, and is one of the tallest classic palm houses in the world.