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Towards 3 million specimens: It’s a steal for Magnolias!

The following post was written by Chris Knowles, a digitiser working in the RBGE Herbarium. As part of my first year at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh as…

Herbarium Recuration & Increasing the Resolution of South Asia

Traditionally at RBGE region 5 has included Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and the Maldives. At present this area contains over 400,000 specimens. Creating subdivisions within region 5 make the specimens easier to access for researchers.

The RBGE DNA database – how an EDNA number is assigned to a DNA extraction

When people extract DNA in the RBGE molecular lab, we insist that it’s given something we call an EDNA (Edinburgh DNA) number. This links to a database that…