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Growing Connections: Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and The National Botanic Gardens of Ireland.

The sharing of plants between botanic gardens has long been an essential tool in the cultivation and display of the world’s rare and threatened flora. The plants generously…

Postcards from the Biomes: The Last Fern to Leave

A new Postcards from the Biomes following the move of the last fern to leave the Ferns and Fossils Glasshouse at The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

Postcards from the Biomes: A Show of Fronds

You can read more about the journey of the tree ferns in the BBC article below. BBC News – Giant plants make epic journey from Edinburgh to Port…

Stories from the Biomes: The Fern House Decant

In 2022, the Horticulture team fixed their attention on the Ferns and Fossils Glasshouse, home to an impressive species diversity from an ancient group of plants. Read about the successes and challenges of moving this collection, from one of the team who carried out the work.

Stories from the Biomes: My Experience with the Biomes Decant, by Horticulturist Szymon Drozdek

It all started with one houseplant. That one plant, a Crassula ovata (money plant), led me to having one of the healthiest obsessions human beings can possibly have;…

Stories from the Biomes: A Year in Photos

A lot can happen in a year, especially where the Biomes Project is concerned. Looking back at 2022, it is impossible to include everything that has been achieved, but here is a selection of highlights of the work undertaken by the Horticulture team and colleagues.

Stories from the Biomes: Moving the Ericaceous Collection

While the Edinburgh Biomes Project involves the more noticeable decanting of both Victorian Palm Houses and the Front Range Glasshouses, there are several research collections going through an equally significant change behind the scenes.

A particularly exquisite Rhododendron

It will be of no surprise that an attractive plant has been found in this particular genus. One in which has been so highly regarded by the garden,…

A Dark Tale

Tony Bonning tells the a dark tale from a tropical forest.

The Mouse Deer & Tiger

Tony Bonning tells the tale of the Mouse Deer and the Tiger.

The Rain Maker

Tony Bonning tells the story of the Rain Maker.  

The Beautiful Garden

  Tony Bonning tells a moral tale about the beautiful garden.

Tortoise & the Wisdom of the World

Tony Bonning tells a story about the how a tortoise who wants to be wise.

Touching the Moon

Tony Bonning tells a story about a woman who wants to touch the moon.

The King of the Forest

Tony Bonning tells a story about how the king of the forest was chosen.

The Story of the Caged Tiger

Tony Bonning tells a story about another use for Bamboo – for a cage.

Rushing the Coconuts to Market

    Tony Bonning tells a story about rushing coconuts to market.