Eucryphia moorei

Eucryphia moorei

Eucryphia moorei produces attractive four-petalled white flowers. In the centre are a multitude of soft paintbrush bristle stamens. The flower is produced on the current season’s growth. From this the flower stalk emerges. Developing in two stages there is a small bract at the mid point. This is formed by the sepals fusing together. The plant is set in the sheltered courtyard to the north of the Front Range. Mid green pinnate leaves clothe the plant, these have a grey colour to the reverse.

Attention should be drawn to the seed capsules. Those from the previous year are retained on the plant. Soft brown in colour when dry, the covering of bristly white hairs can be appreciated under a hand lens.

Eucryphia moorei - seed heads

Eucryphia moorei – seed heads

Eucryphia moorei is native to the New South Wales area of Australia, where it grows on hillsides in cool, temperate rainforest. It has been in cultivation in Britain since 1915.