Honey for tea

In the sheltered border within the enclosed area between the tropical palm and orchid houses there is a heavy scent given off by the mass flowering of Myrceugenia leptospermoides. Reminiscent of a good honey the pollinating insects are drawn to this plant in their droves. Prolific amounts of white bloom cover the terminal growth of the current year’s wood.

This mass of flower parts burst out of small pink buds. On the growth below are the fruits; a proliferation of red to black, a memory to previous successful flowering seasons.

Self sown seedlings can be found in the soil beneath the canopy. An evergreen multi stemmed shrub from Chile where it is found in coastal areas in the centre of the country.

Myrceugenia leptospermoides

Myrceugenia leptospermoides

Myrceugenia leptospermoides

Myrceugenia leptospermoides

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  1. Hi Robyn,

    a few weeks ago I was at the garden, and probably it was this shrub that took my attention the most, I think it is divine, and I have never seen it anywhere. It doesn’t even appear in the plant Finder. You having said there are seedlings under it I wonder if there’s a way to get/buy one?

    thank you !

    Kind regards,