• Rhododendron ‘Strawberry Ice’

    Rhododendron ‘Strawberry Ice’

    Morea spathulata, a Hilliard and Burtt collection from Temperate South Africa in 1976. Bright yellow blooms on strong stems, to 1metre

  • Ceanothus sorediatus, USA, California, corner of lecture theatre. Tiny blue flowers massed on tumbling branches
  • Rhododendron ‘Mrs E.C.Stirling’ A hybrid of R. griffithianum. Huge purple trusses of bloom
  • Rhododendron ponticum, in front of Inverleith House. Introduced to Britain in 1763, now naturalised. Caucasus

A selection of Rhododendron from the top of the Azalea lawn working down to the road.

  • Rhododendron atlanticum E.N.America Bud colouration darkens to pink and flowers open white with pink striations. Scented
  • Rhododendron ‘Strawberry Ice’ Gaudy red with orange splash to top petal
  • Rhododendron ‘Frills’ Orange blooms
  • Rhododendron ‘Persil’ White flowers
  • Rhododendron ‘Mrs L.J. Endtz’ One of the Mollis hybrids, bright yellow flowers that strain the eyes.