• Ornithogalum pyrenaicum “Bath Asparagus” a member of Liliaceae that has colonised the shaded ground beneath the Limes to the north of Inverleith House


  • Aesculus hippocastanum “Horse Chestnut”. A magnificent flowering forest tree. White flowers clustered on stalks. Various locations throughout the garden
  • Ilex aquifolium “Holly”
  • Hyacinthoides nonscriptus “Bluebell”
  • Hyacinthoides hispanicus “Spanish Bluebell”
  • Hyacinthoides hispanicus ‘Bracteata’ Long green strap like bracts beneath the flower buds
  • Hyacinthoides x massartiana The vigorous hybrid between H. hispanicus x H. nonscriptus. in the rock garden
  • Caltha palustris, “Marsh Marigold” vivid yellow flowers, at the pond in the Ecological garden
  • Primula vulgaris “Primrose” Demonstration garden
  • Allium ursinum “Ransomes” Herb layer in the Cryptogrammic area. White star like flowers