A worthy champion

Pyrus korshinskyi

Pyrus korshinskyi

On the Pyrus lawn to the south west corner of the garden is Pyrus korshinskyi. Registered in the Tree Register of the British Isles as a champion tree, it was last measured in 2004 at 8 metres height with a trunk girth of 1.26 metres. This is one of several specimens to be given champion status in the collection at Inverleith.

The ornamental pears are truly magnificent in blossom and this specimen excels in expectation. A deciduous tree that is sending out fresh leaf but this is overwhelmed by the profusion of blossom terminating the shoots.

The leaf petiole is tinged red matching in with the tight bud colour. As development continues the 5 petals become pure white which contrast with the vermillion red anthers. In the centre of the flower is the split stigma, three pin like points triangulating away from each other.

Pyrus korshinskyi

Pyrus korshinskyi

The bark is deeply and attractively fissured from the trunk into the mature and extensive branch framework.

Go now to appreciate this venerable addition to the garden.

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  1. Hi,

    Please may I have some more information on this specimen, it’s location and whether it is still strong and healthy like in the photo? I would like to come up and see it before I go away to Tajikistan to study its wild cousins but I am in London.

    Many thanks,
    Fred Pilkington

    • Rob Cubey

      Rob Cubey

      Dear Fred Pilkington – We have been in touch via email. Thanks you for your comment.