This surreal image shows all that remains of the foliage of Gunnera manicata as the frost and stormy weather batters and weakens its structure. The fast growing South American bog lover is deciduous and reverts back to an herbaceous rootstock for the winter.

The leaf stalk will be cut off soon and all the debris placed over the crown, adding organic matter to the soil. We do not see a need to add extra protection to the crowns they have always survived our Edinburgh winters unaided. Where we do notice damage is in early spring if the young leaves unfurl and a frost occurs there is a resultant browning to the foliage.

In contrast, the view to the city skyline at sunrise this morning over a frost laden lawn was spectacular.

Gunnera manicata. Photo by Tony Garn

Gunnera manicata

Early morning skyline from Inverleith House lawn. Photo by Tony Garn

Early morning skyline from Inverleith House lawn