The deciduous Azaleas provide a reliable mass display of colour and fragrance.

Mix and match from the early Mollis Hybrids leading through the Exbury and Occidentale Hybrids to the late flowers of the Ghent and Knaphill Hybrids.

Fragrance is deepest from Rhododendron luteum, one of the earliest to flower, a member of subsection Pentanthera.

For intense pure colour Rhododendron ‘Sunte Nectarine’ is a mass of orange. This must be one of the brightest colours in the Garden. For a more subdued effect Rhododendron ‘Strawberry Ice’ wins.

As a complete contrast the calming white of Rhododendron ‘Persil’ is covered in bloom.

Find out more about RBGE’s world famous collection of rhododendrons.

Rhododendron 'Sunte Nectarine'. Photo by Tony Garn

Rhododendron ‘Sunte Nectarine’

Rhododendron 'Strawberry Ice'. Photo by Tony Garn

Rhododendron ‘Strawberry Ice’


Rhododendron 'Persil' . Photo by Tony Garn

Rhododendron ‘Persil’