Alpine House, 5th March 2010. Photo by Tony Garn

Alpine House, 5th March 2010

Quite refreshing to appreciate a week of settled weather since the turn of the month. This bright sun has brought glasshouse temperatures into double figures and pushed on the Alpine house display. A week may be a long time in politics; in the garden at this time of year a week will see significant change. Step out and take time to walk around ours. Appreciate the increased heat from the sun and the appearance of green shoots. The Crocus cultivars on the grass banks are even showing colour.

The attached image shows the range of spring bulbs presently in flower in the Alpine House, Crocus, Narcissus, Cyclamen, Merendera, Galanthus and Sternbergia species.

To compliment the living collection the Library team have set out their own spring bouquet in the display case at reception. These images of wild and garden plants from across the centuries have been chosen from books and artwork held in the library and archives. Well worth a look – on a wet day of course!