The two strips of planting leading into the Temperate Palm House represent spring bedding at its best. These two cultivars; Polyanthus ‘Crescendo Yellow’ and Tulip ‘Purple Prince’ make a colourful combination drifting into the glasshouse.

Elsewhere in the garden raise your eyes to the canopies. The Magnolia’s are spectacular. With a lack of frost and rain this season the trees are awash with perfect blossom. The pink blossom of Magnolia campbellii ‘Charles Raffill’ should be seen contrasting against blue sky, the colours of both then reach a greater intensity.

Polyanthus 'Crescendo Yellow' Tulip 'Purple Prince'. Photo by Tony Garn

Polyanthus ‘Crescendo Yellow’ Tulip ‘Purple Prince’

Magnolia campbellii 'Charles Raffill'. Photo by Tony Garn

Magnolia campbellii ‘Charles Raffill’