Flowering in the alpine house at the Garden is a collection of Primula allionii. One specimen collected, as seed; from limestone cliffs in the French Maritime Alps is a cushion of magenta pink colour. The edges of the petals neatly subdivided. At an altitude of 700 – 1900m these stunted looking clumps of vegetation cling to the rock face. Making use of cracks and crevices to gain a root hold.

The lighter coloured image shows the cultivar Primula allionii ‘Anna Griffith’, one of the most popular cultivated varieties. Exhibiting a delicate pink shade with distinctly frilled edge to the petals.

In the alpine house these are potted into an open mix, grown in clay pans and then plunged into a sand bed ensuring the root zone is kept cool. When watering due care is needed to prevent any landing on the foliage. The best plants thrive when spent flowers are removed along with any aged leaves.

Primula allionii. Photo by Tony Garn

Primula allionii

Primula allionii 'Anna Griffith' . Photo by Tony Garn

Primula allionii ‘Anna Griffith’

Primula allionii collection. Photo by Tony Garn

Primula allionii collection