Hakonechloa macra is a perennial, clump forming, grass. It is named after Mt.Hakone, on the island of Honshu, Japan and is a monotypic genus. The foliage browns and slowly shreds and desiccates with the ravages of winter.

The winter weather also adds to the beauty; the ice crystals of a hoar frost settling on the foliage and on warmer days, shafts of low sun highlighting the leaf colour. Seed stalks still

evident, of open form; draping gracefully downwards into the mass of foliage. Choose an open site and plant a group, the rhizomatous roots soon spread in fertile soil.

Hakonechloa macra, Photo by Tony Garn

Hakonechloa macra

Hakonechloa macra -winter sun on foliage. Photo by Tony Garn

Hakonechloa macra – winter sun on foliage