With our Big 5 survey running until October, we have finally reached 1000 votes! Voting is still underway and there is still time to vote for your favourite plant, tree and shrub. The poll consists of 13 options varying from the Scots pine to the iconic Spear thistle; there is also the option to vote for your own. So far the top five contenders are;primula scotica banner

  1. Scots pine Pinus sylverstris
  2. Scottish bluebell Campanula rotundifolia
  3. Rowan Sorbus aucuparia
  4. Scottish primrose Primula scotia
  5. Sliver birch Betula pendula

With three months still to go, who knows who will win! Will Scots pine stay at the top or will the Scottish bluebell take over? Only time will tell! You can still vote here or vote below for your favourite to win

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