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Bamboo by a tree

Despite the ferocity of the midges at Benmore yesterday (a statement than should win a prize for the understatement of the week), I had a lovely time walking round the garden and writing poems with the staff and pupils of Strachur Primary School.

I could tell you how creative and enthusiastic the children were and how well they worked as teams in their two groups and … but I think the best thing to do is just let you read and enjoy their poems.

Our Tremendous, Tall, Terrific Tree Poem
ickly, big, bumpy, soft, rough, pink, trees.
Redwood trees in a midge-swarming, spikey, green, giant, yellow, fabulous park.
Every trunk is a delicious, squidgy, creamy, banana pie with a thick, brown crust.
Every tree makes me feel happy, surprised and really small and we want to climb them.

Strachur Primary School visit to Benmore Botanic Garden, 25 June 2013.

Introducing the Cool Fabulous Trees
Tall, tatty, fat, colourful, water-drinking trees with long, stringy important, straw-like roots.
Redwood trees in a big, enormous, exciting, pretty, woodland avenue.
Every trunk feels squidgy, like cardboard, springy, mossy, wild, crazy, flaky, like a house for squirrels and birds, bristly, deadly.
Every tree makes me feel good, happy, silly, energetic, small, funny, like dancing and playing the bongo drums.

Strachur Primary School visit to Benmore Botanic Garden, 25 June 2013.


Sue Butler

Source: Walking With Poets