By gardenpoets


A week or so ago Billy (pictured on the right in the cap) said he’d got three lines of his tree-themed poem but was waiting for the fourth and final line.

I’m delighted to announce that the final line has arrived.

Survival by Billy Walsh
Standing above an evening sky
Like some ancient weary travellers
These ancient beings from another world
Will hopefully survive to see another day

And will the Redwood trees survive to see the 200th anniversary of their planting? When I ask this question at Benmore it seems no one knows because, while Redwoods live to a huge age in their native environment, they were only introduced into Scotland in the 1850s. So, with Benwood’s trees being planted in 1863 they are in the vanguard of revealing what happens as the years pass.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they do survive; and that I’m still around to collect 200 poems as part of the anniversary. celebrations.


Sue Butler

Source: Walking With Poets