By gardenpoets


I’m sure you all know how sometimes at a poetry reading the poet’s preamble to a poem takes the edge of what the poem is more than able to share unaided… so I’ll just say a big thanks to John and Luke for writing such super poems at Benmore on Father’s Day.

Great stuff guys.

My son Luke by Luke’s Dad, Mildenhall
I want my son to be happy and healthy
and confident enough to be whatever he dreams.
I hope he’s handsome as a Redwood tree
and that life’s storms don’t blow him over.

My dad John by Luke, Mildenhall
Jokes he tells are pants. His clothes aren’t cool.
Often he yells and tells me off for no reason at all.
He’s an oak with strong branches and deep roots. I’m an acorn.
Not the finest mahogany is worth more than him.


Source: Walking With Poets