By gardenpoets

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(Sorry about my finger on the edge of this shot.)

I’ve had a pretty busy day today, but as for the whole of June my ‘office’ is the glorious Benmore Botanic Garden, every day feels like a pleasure – even busy days.

After dealing with some e-mails first thing, I went out into the garden and wrote some poems with a couple of visitors; had a lovely chat with a woman who was walking her rescue dog and did a couple of cartwheels with Lucy and Amanda from Edinburgh. Hello. I said I’d give you a special mention and I have. Please write tree-themed poems if you can.

After a cup of tea I then went over to Benmore House, which is an outward bound centre where children come to enjoy and learn about the outdoors. I had a great meeting with the bursar and she kindly agreed to encourage the children to write some four-line poems about trees.

I really hope some of them will want to add their voices to our celebration of the 150th anniversary of the planting of Benmore’s Redwood Avenue.

I then wandered off towards the section of the garden that has the money puzzle trees – no real reason, I just can’t get enough of their dark, dark green and their mad, almost-psychotic, sculptural branches.

On the way I also met some more people having a busy day at their Benmore office.


I stopped to chat and was delighted to learn that one of these good fellows is three lines into composing his tree-themed poem and hopes to have the fourth line soon. You probably heard my cheer.

I then walked on past where the stone masons are working.

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I’m not making this day sound very busy or very arduous am I?

I think I’d better quit while I’m ahead and leave you with a poem written today by Jake from Forfar.

Aging by Jake from Forfar
Tree of Knowledge. Tree of Life.
Tree of Hunger. Tree of strife.
Our lives consist of many trees.
Mine are withering and losing their leaves.


Source: Walking With Poets