A lot of activity on my plot today. First, I placed down some stepping bricks through the middle of my plot to make every inch of it easy to access. Bricks were placed in the non-prescribed area 1m apart.

I also managed to do some sowing – indoors and outdoors. I sowed a tray of each: Lobularia maritima ‘Easter Basket’, ‘Rosie O’Day’ and ‘Snow Carpet’. I could not resist another small experiment and covered seeds in the first two trays with vermiculite while seeds in the third tray with sieved compost and coir mix.

The plan for outdoor sowing session was quite ambitious and included sweet peas, cornflower, nigella and lovely pale pink lupin ‘Pink Fairy’. Of all these I managed only to sow seeds of the later one – sowed them in two alternate rows. The others will hopefully be sowed on Friday (2nd March).

Lastly, I sticked some metal hoops along the rows of onions and green peas. With the fleece over the top of the hoops I created small fleece tunnels which will protect the germinating seeds from cool weather and attacks form birds, mice and other beasties at the same time giving the seedlings same space to grow upwards.

Trays with alyssum seeds soaking in water

My plot – work in progress