Good weather this week has meant that everything in the Edible Garden is growing well. We have harvested our first peas of the year from the polytunnel.

Fine dry weather is GREAT, but fruit and vegetables require a regular supply of water. Young plants and newly sown seeds are particularly vulnerable to drought.


Here are some handy tips for successful watering:


Soil mounded up creating a basin to collect water

1. Check plants daily – especially seeds, seedlings and plants growing in pots.

2. Water thoroughly so the water has chance to percolate deep into the soil. This encourages deep rooting which means plants are less susceptible to drought.

3. Water in the evening or early morning to prevent the water from evaporating.

4. Mound up the earth around the plants to form a basin. This stops the water running off before it has had chance to soak in (see photo).

5. Mulch plants to help prevent water loss.

6. Use a water butt to collect rainwater – tap water is a precious resource that must be conserved.

Greenhouse made from bottles with water butt

Greenhouse made from bottles with water butt