As we move through a spring which has frantically danced between glorious sunshine, bitter wind and flurries of snow, so does the education team move (slightly more skilfully) between in person teaching and producing online content.

Utilising the Living Collection, we have been photographing and documenting plants for use in various courses, including Botanical Illustration. For those of you who may be missing exploring these resources yourselves, please enjoy some pictures of the Strongylodon macrobotrys (commonly known as jade vine) whose bold and bright colouration is a joy to behold.  

The last weeks of April were also a busy time for the students returning to site. This period was marked by the return of the 2nd Year Horticulture with Plantsmanship students, who produced a grafting demonstration for their 1st Year counterparts. Additionally, the MSc Group experienced the last of their Garden walks. Having visited weekly to dissect various plant material under the guidance of Louis Ronse De Craene and Zoe Goodwin, these weekly sessions have proved an invaluable learning experience, and fulfilled the essential social needs of the students.

Finally, it is worth noting that after a successful herbology weekend course, Catherine Conway-Payne continues to produce video demonstrations for her students. With the help of various guests such as Monica Wilde and Sally Gouldstone, the students will be delivered videos on topics including distillation and the various (and incredible) uses of seaweed.

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Written by Jack Baker, MSc Assistant, RBGE