Sowing wildflowers in the botanics orchard

Last week we sowed wildflowers round the base of our new orchard. This is a great way of helping to attract pollinators, a vital part of the edible garden. Wildflower meadows are low maintenance too, reducing the need for weeding or mowing an area.

Establishing a wildflower meadow


Wildflower meadows can be sown in spring or autumn. In summer there is a risk of the soil drying out – although not this year!


  1. Clear the ground of existing vegetation
  2. Level the ground
  3. Sow the seed
  • ­Wildflower seed mixtures usually need to be sown at a very low rate 3-5g per m2
  • ­The best way of achieving an even spread is to divide the area up and weigh the right amount of seed for each section. The picture shows of a group of volunteers from the Rock Trust doing just this
  • ­Mix the seed well as they will be all different sizes and just like muesli the small bits sink to the bottom
  1. After the seed is sown lightly rake over the site
  2. When the meadow starts to grow and has reach about 30 cm in height cut it to 10 cm, this helps to prevent weeds and allows space for the wildflowers
  3. Once established most wildflower meadows will then only need cutting once a year in autumn

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  1. Thanks for the good tips, I’m a beginner when it comes to orchard gardening.

    -Samudaworth Tree Service