Our visitors always ask what we do with the vegetables from the edible garden. We are proud to tell them that the produce goes to our very own Gateway restaurant (after the volunteers have taken their share of course!).

We’ve been making weekly deliveries of garden produce to the restaurant since Christmas. We are thrilled that our lovely vegetables are being used by Ben the chef and that the garden visitors can sample our fare. Here is a picture of Ben sorting through the goodies. This week the delivery consisted of; radish, spring onions, winter cress, sweet cicely, rhubarb, spinach, rainbow chard, beetroot tops, purple sprouting broccoli, rocket and parsley.

This week’s tasks in the garden;

  • Planting out the peas sown in guttering a few weeks ago. We simply slid the contents gently off the guttering into a prepared trench. Loosen the compost at the sides of the guttering, place the end in the trench and then walk slowly backwards… simple!
  • We sowed main crop peas and chose Lincoln for their high yield. They only reach 2ft high so are great for a small garden and grow well in northern areas of Britain.
  • Sowed a second batch of early peas (Kelvedon Wonder). We are sowing peas successionally so that we have a good consistent supply throughout the season. Two sowings of both varieties a few weeks apart will ensure we have a long harvesting period.