It feels like we have turned a corner this week, the sun is out and things are most definitely growing in the garden. The beds are prepared and the potatoes are chitting. What is more, our seed order has arrived, hurray!

If you look closely at the photo you can see the tiny shoots on our purple sprouting broccoli starting to emerge. The seed went in a bit on the late side last year so we are happy to see that they are coming along – helped by the protection offered by the polytunnel.

We’ve had a lovely day today with volunteers from the Rock Trust. The guys popped in and helped shift a whole lot of compost into some raised beds and also sow some grass seed. What a team! They worked really hard and the beds are all ready now for our school groups to come and plant up. The Rock Trust folk will be in again in a couple of weeks and we’re already looking forward to it!







Other jobs for us this week have included;

  • Fixing guttering around the shed to collect rain for our new water butts
  • Sowing peas in spare guttering under cover. This method gives the peas an early start inside. When it comes to planting out we can slide them out of the guttering directly into their final position and avoid disturbing the roots (which peas don’t like)
  • Putting up the bean poles in preparation for the runner beans outside