Symphytum grandiflorum is to be found as an extensive patch of vegetation covering soil in the upper woodland garden. Neat and compact with an inflorescence of creamy white flowers. The buds an ochre colour initially. It does have an extensive root system, so, if you do not want it, don’t plant it. These deep rooted perennials thrive in shady, damp areas of the garden. A native to Europe and the Caucasus. A close relative is S.officinale and the hybrid Russian Comfrey S. x uplandicum. The foliage of these can be grown and collected throughout the growing season for use as a liquid feed. Collect the leaves, which are rich in potassium, to soak in a water permeable bag, suspended in a barrel or bucket of water. After about 10 days a black concentrate will form. By diluting this, 1:10 – 1:15 a potassium rich liquid feed is obtained. The sodden mass of putrid leaves can be added to the compost heap. Remember to keep a lid on the container, this helps to contain the smell and deters flies.