It is a chilly old day and as you can see from the pictures there is frost all about (even at 12 noon!). The temperature dropped to -5oc last night and have remained low all day. The vegetables in the polytunnel are looking a bit sorry just now and are drooping heavily. They should recover once the air temperature increases and as long as the period of frost is not too prolonged.

January is the perfect time to sit down with a cup of tea and set out your edible garden plans for the year. All you need is a couple of good seed catalogues (a wealth of information), a pen and paper. If it all seems a bit daunting take a look at our downloadable, how-to guide here; Planning your Edible Garden.

About 240 people spoke to the Edible Gardening Project team this weekend at our planning drop in session, click here for more information about our events.