As we dig deeper into autumn thoughts of the last mow of the lawn come to mind. This is the time to raise the height on the mower. Through the growing season no more than one third of the green leaf surface should have been removed with each cut. At this time of year cutting too low will increase the chance of moss invading over the winter months. Take a look at the sward once you have completed the cut. The tips of the grass leaf should show a clean cut with grass colour an even green. In this image the shredded ends of the leaf show that a blunt or damaged blade has ripped at rather than cleanly sheared the leaf. This is then vulnerable to desiccation in bright sun or drying wind causing the tips to brown. Bringing us neatly to the need to service the mower during the winter months ready for the first cut of spring 2020. Don’t just push it to the back of the shed and expect a fine cut in spring.