Once seen this planting of Hydrangea will either make you want to fill your front garden with a similar planting or you will think – too blousy and look for a more muted planting. The species is native to coastal Japan. Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Sir Joseph Banks’ is a vigorous cultivar named after a former Director of Kew Gardens, a naturalist and explorer. One of the mophead or Hortensia flower types it ranges in colour through green when just opening to blue and pink. The availability of aluminium in the soil does affect the flower colour. This is determined by the soil pH. An acid soil will give shades of blue. A higher alkaline pH, above 6.5pH, will give pinks. There are many proprietary solutions that can be watered onto the rootball soil, which may lead to a change in colour of the ray florets to your preference.