A member of the Iris family, Iridaceae, Diplarrena latifolia has individual flowers of interesting shape composed of six tepals. The three largest pure white, the smaller tepals have distinctive purple net vein markings and a blotch of lemon yellow pigment staining the tip. A rhizomatous, evergreen perennial, once settled into a sunny situation it will send up many shoots of linear foliage. The flowers protected by the green sheath. Anthericum liliago in the more tropical sounding family Agavaceae. A spike of white flowers with prominent golden yellow anthers are sent up from the perennial rhizome to a height of one metre. Both of the above plants gracing the borders around the alpine house with a good clump of Anthericum to be found in the rock garden where Paeonia latifolia can be seen. A vigorous species from N&E Asia with pure white globose flowers. Leave the seed heads on to mature and split open. The soil around will soon be full of seedlings for you to tease out and pot on.

Diplarrena latifolia
Anthericum liliago
Paeonia lactiflora