Why is so much good children’s theatre in Edinburgh on during August when our children are going back to school? This year the Botanics   is bringing top quality children’s comedy theatre to Edinburgh during the Easter school holiday with the hilarious, yet thought provoking Me & My Bee. Although billed as a family show if you don’t have any children you can borrow for the occasion don’t worry just bring yourself there is plenty in the show that appeals to adults as well, not least the slick comedy routines and perfect timing of the highly talented cast.
For me the show gets full marks for appreciating that bees are not one species but many and that solitary bees play as important a role in pollination as the honey bee. Although it is a comedy Me & My Bee does not shy away from the real issues affecting our bee populations. Josie Dale-Jones who co-wrote and performs in the show says “We hope the show raises awareness not only about bees, but their effect on our own ecosystem. We hope the show makes audiences think about how to take care the smaller things, cause and effect, and how to respect the planet we live on, before it’s too late”.

“Most of all” she continues “we hope it empowers our audience – we want them to leave feeling like they can make a difference, whilst having a good time!”

A good time is guaranteed but give yourself plenty of time because while you are in the Botanic Garden you can take part in the Easter Bunny trail which also has a bee theme this year. And please make sure you visit the John Hope Gateway for Science Festival activities, including making bee homes that really work. The take-home message from the RBGE this Easter is every action can help make a difference. As Josie told us “There are so many things NOT helping the bees it all gets a bit much. Climate change is massive, urbanisation is growing at an alarming rate and we aren’t going to pretend we can take on a huge pesticide company with a load of scientific proof we don’t personally have, but, there ARE things we can do. One seed at a time… plant wildflowers. Flowers are essentially bee food. Everyone needs food fuel.”

Me and My Bee runs from 8 to 11 April in the Lecture Theatre. Tickets are available from the Science Festival box office or on the door. For all our Easter family events see http://www.rbge.org.uk/whats-on/home/easter