Richard Baines with the new charging point

Logan Botanic Garden, one of Dumfries & Galloway’s leading visitor attractions, has underscored its commitment to saving the environment by being one of the first Gardens in Scotland to install an electric vehicle charge point.

The Garden, which already holds a Gold Green Tourism Award, received a 75 per cent grant from the Energy Saving Trust, for the double 7KW charge point which has been installed in the visitor car park.

Garden Curator Richard Baines said: “I believe Logan to be the first Garden in Scotland to install an electric charge point for vehicles. We are now able to attract electric car users from far and wide. They will have the confidence to visit because they know they will have power for the return journey.’’

He added: “Logan is continually looking at ways to improve its green credentials. We wholeheartedly support the eco-movement towards electrically operated vehicles to safeguard our planet by reducing harmful emissions and greenhouse gases. By reducing climate change we will aid plant conservation and reduce habitat destruction.

“Being part of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh – with a Mission Statement dedicated to exploring and explaining the world of plants for a better future – it is important to integrate the organisation’s work with the wider ecological benefits of creating a far greater sustainable environment, as a whole, and to show all our visitors what everyone could achieve with a bit of work”.

Other green practices at Logan include the solar PV and air source heat pumps running the carbon-neutral Logan Conservatory to being part of the new initiative Refill D&G to reduce plastic waste.

The range of eco-friendly and recycled goods sold in the gift shop is also vast and very in keeping with the sustainable theme that the staff operate on a daily basis.