Is Plantsmanship the best HND course in Scotland for horticulture?

Ben More Botanical Garden during a Plantsmanship course trip

The Plantsmanship course at RBGE encompasses a magnitude of topics.

Accompanied with SRUC and University of Edinburgh this course offers complete immersion into the plant world. Few courses in the world can give you the opportunities present at RBGE.

European experts and lecturers come in to express their passion for their beloved group of fungi, mosses, orchids and many more Рbestowing  decades of experiences and knowledge and only improved by the eagerness to share these qualities.

Trips to the other RBGE gardens and other Scottish organisations provide an in depth look into Scottish horticulture.  Viewing an estimated 7% of the worlds flora during the tours.



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  1. Jane Robertson

    Excellent course, especially the part taught at RBGE where the lecturers are passionate and exceptionally committed. Certainly best course on offer in Scotland but you must be willing to work hard as you will get out what you put in. Also take full advantage of the wonderful resource which is the garden itself and the amazing library and herbarium.