Thursday 18th January sees the Botanical Society of Scotland lecture –
The greening of the Arctic with Dr Isla Myers-Smith, University of Edinburgh.

Isla Myers-Smith is a global change ecologist. She leads a research group at the University of Edinburgh and coordinates large collaborative research networks. Her research integrates large-scale data synthesis, ecological monitoring, new technology including drones, and field-based experiments to understand how global change alters plant communities and ecosystem processes with a focus on tundra ecosystems.

To find out more about Isla’s research see the Tundra Ecology Lab website.

The Arctic is warming rapidly, with unknown consequences for tundra ecosystems and the Earth’s climate. Isla will summarize the evidence for the detection and attribution of tundra vegetation change to climate change using data from across the tundra biome. She will highlight some of the work her research group has been doing to

  1. quantify the drivers of tundra shrub expansion
  2. test the links between long-term ground-based measurements, satellite data and observations using drones and
  3. understand the impacts of this change on the carbon cycle as a part of the Tundra “Tea Bag” experiment.

The talk is on Thursday, 18th January 2018 @ 18:00 in the lecture theatre.  Tea available from 17:30. Enter via 20a Inverleith Row. All welcome, no need to be a member, and no charge.