Dear Edinburgh tree data person,

I have sent you to this blog page because you have been involved in some correspondence on Twitter about

You may remember there was talk about setting-up a meeting (and without wishing to hijack the project) I thought I could offer meeting space and some trees to look at after the meeting.

I sent around a Doodle poll (to all those I could get an email for) and it looks like the date of the Jan the 26th PM (13:00 to 15:00) is the best date for the most people.

UPDATE – Sorry all there is a change of date proposed as a number of the meeting originators have had to unfortunately have to pull out of the Friday the 26th Jan.

So how so would people feel about delaying a week to the Friday 2nd February ?

I send around directions etc. when I have a room booking confirmed internally.

I’ve have some trouble with my DM on twitter (my own ignorance) so I’m doing the logistics via email. –

We have the following interested parties:




New Date?



Ewan Klein



May Shirkhorshidi


Phil Taylor



Tom Armitage






Andrew Heald



Sally Kerr



Ian Mackenzie



William Hinchliffe


Robert Cubey




Gemma Cassells

Please email about anyone else who might have an interest.

Hope you can make it.