A valuable medicinal plant that thrives in the UK


In Nepal Bergenia ciliata grows in oak forests up to an altitude of about 3200 m. It is a very valuable medicinal plant with many uses. The whole plant is used to treat diarrhoea, dysentery, indigestion, and urinary problems, and the rhizome is used for coughs and colds, eye diseases, boils, abdominal disorders, and also as a tonic.

It is considered to be threatened in Nepal because of the unsustainable collection of plants which are sold both locally and internationally.

Bergenia ciliata is one of the 30 species selected by the Government of Nepal because of its potential economic importance. It is important to raise awareness about sustainable harvesting to conserve this species in its natural habitat.

It grows well in the UK and can be propagated either by cuttings taken from the rhizome or by seeds.