Enjoyed the Flora of Nepal exhibition?

Now discover some of the best of our living collection …

Many of the plants commonly grown in UK gardens originally came from the Himalayas. Our Flora of Nepal Trail shares the storiesĀ of 14 fascinating species of Nepalese plants, some of which you may know and some which are less familiar. Learn how they are used in Nepal and the collectors who brought them back here by exploring the trail.

You can either browse the trail directly here or you can download the dedicated app (which doesn’t need a network connection to run) from the iOS App Store or Google Play store.

  • Betula utilis
  • Bistorta affinis
  • Inula hookeri
  • Rhododendron arboreum
  • Clematis montana
  • Bergenia ciliata
  • Primula denticulata
  • Rhododendron barbatum
  • Pieris formosa
  • Ephedra gerardiana
  • Daphne bholua
  • Berberis aristata
  • Abies spectabilis
  • Pinus wallichiana

Betula 16x9

Betula utilis

The Himalayan birch with many uses Betula utilis ā€˜the Himalayan birchā€™ is native to Nepal and grows at altitudes up to 4500 m in its natural habitat. Itā€™s...
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Bistorta affinis

An early introduction and UK garden favourite   High in the Himalaya, above the tree line and above the dwarf rhododendron shrubland, the woody vegetation gives way to...
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Inula hookeri

Memento of early Everest expedition   Inula are eye-catching plants native to Europe, Asia and Africa which are widely used in horticulture. Inula hookeri is found in the...
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Rhododendron arboreum

Nepals national flower   This Rhododendon was planted by the Nepalese Ambassador during his visit in 2010 and it’s a symbol of the long connection that our Botanic...
Clematis cropped

Clematis montana

A seedbank survivor   These plants were collected as seed in September of 1991 from Eastern Nepal. On returning to Edinburgh not all the seed from that expedition...
Bergenia ciliata

Bergenia ciliata

A valuable medicinal plant that thrives in the UK   In Nepal Bergenia ciliata grows in oak forests up to an altitude of about 3200 m. It is...
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Primula denticulata

A Himalayan plant with Scottish links   Primula denticulata grows well in the UK, and is a common sight in gardens where it is usually known as the...
R barbatum cropped

Rhododendron barbatum

A natural hybrid with toxic nectar   Rhododendron barbatum is one of 30 species of Rhododendron which are native to Nepal. This species commonly grows as a small...

Pieris formosa

A garden plant in the UK with medicinal uses in Nepal   Pieris may be familiar to you as a garden plant, as it is widely grown in...
Ephedra cropped

Ephedra gerardiana

A high altitude plant used to treat altitude sickness   Ephedra is the source of the drug ephedrine, and it has been used in Chinese medicine to treat...
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Daphne bholua

A garden plant used to make paper   This winter-flowering shrub is a popular garden plant in the UK, but in Nepal it is the basis of a...
Berberis cropped

Berberis aristata

A prickly plant with a long history of medicinal use   Berberis aristata, the Himalayan Berberis, is popular not only for its medicinal values but also preferred by...

Abies spectabilis

A forest giant from Nepal Abies spectabilis trees reach 50 m in height and form extensive forests on the wet, south-facing slopes of the Himalayas. The canopy is...

Pinus wallichiana

The Himalayan pine used to treat broken bones   Pinus wallichiana, which is also known as the Himalayan Pine, grows in temperate forests of mixed species between 1300...