Front cover image of surveyCongratulations on completing your Lichens – Making the Invisible Visible Air Pollution Survey

We hope you enjoyed the experience and that through exploring your local area in new ways detail, you discovered some new things and found out about your local air quality.

Mapping Edinburgh’s Air Quality

As part of the Edinburgh Living Landscape initiative we are hoping to build up a visual map of local air quality in and around Edinburgh using the data supplied through the feedback forms from each of the areas surveyed using the lichen survey.

To do this we need your results!

Please fill out our Feedback form. The basic feedback of results should take about 2 minutes, but if you’d like to share a bit more of your experience with us, please allow a little longer.

If you’d like more information on RBGE’s research into Urban Air Quality please click here.


Don’t forget to can use the survey more than once!

Why not try looking at a different set of trees in your local area and see if you get the same results, or go to your nearby park and have a go using the survey there.

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Looking for lichens in a local park             @G.Burns, TCV Scotland







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