Inverleith House

As Inverleith House celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, we have been looking back into our own exhibitions archive and beyond when the house was the first home to the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art (between 1960 and 1984).  The Scottish National Gallery’s archive revealed some fascinating photographs of the building as it once was, as well as some beautiful photographs of the garden in the 1960s.


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A selection of these archive materials from the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art will be on display as part of I Still Believe in Miracles: 30 Years of Inverleith House this summer between 23 July and runs until 23 October 2016.

I still believe in miracles celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of the world renowned and influential exhibitions programme at Inverleith House, which has featured some of the most memorable exhibitions ever staged in the UK. I still believe in miracles features major works by leading artists based in Scotland and abroad who have all made highly acclaimed solo exhibitions for the gallery over its thirty year history. The exhibition takes its title from a text work created by Douglas Gordon which has been on permanent display in the gallery since 2005.

New and existing works by artists ranging from Louise Bourgeois and Isa Genzken to Nicolas Party and Richard Wright will be on display, and a wall drawing created by the late American artist Robert Ryman in 2006 will be uncovered for viewing once again. Contemporary works will be accompanied by archival drawings from the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and the Linnaean Society of London. This exhibition embodies Inverleith House’s three decade long engagement with both contemporary art and botany, acknowledging the continuing importance of both artistic and scientific research in our understanding of the natural world.