Slugs – one of the most hated pests in garden. Slugs – holes in plant leaves, eaten up seedlings. Slugs – slimy unpleasant surprise. How to get rid of them in an organic way? Here are my tried recipes:

Coffee grounds

I used them to form a highly aromatic barrier to edge growing seedlings of nigella. So far so good. One problem: coffee grounds wash off during watering.

Oat bran

Another excellent idea for a barrier. After wetting and drying they become rough and discourage slugs from entering. One problem: birds living in the birch hedge near my plot liked it a lot and within three weeks disassembled my barrier.

Bird-eaten bran barrier


I used them to edge two rows of beetroot seedlings. Not too sure whether it is an effective defence as my beets show signs of slugs’ fiesta.

Eggshell barrier

Birch twig barrier

Difficult to assess its effectiveness. On one hand it may work as abatis keeping slugs at bay. On other, dry leaves and garden litter get stuck between twigs creating a good resting place for slugs during warm day hours.

Slug gone

Organic pelleted sheep wool – as some swear it discourages slugs by sucking moisture out of their bodies and adds to soil fertility. I surrounded my lettuces with it. More info on

Slug gone in action

Despite all these precautions slugs are still targeting my plants. I may have to go for a night hunt soon.