Pricking out can be either a relaxing or stressful activity. In my case it turned to be the latter one. I simply got overwhelmed by the task: three trays full of white and pink alyssum seedlings, one tray of tiny violas plus two trays of emerging basil plants. All at the same time! After four hours of labour I gave up – I had enough alyssum to cover the entire plot!

I had not escaped a mistake – used John Innes Seed mix, not the most appropriate mix for pricked out plants as it has low nutrient value. To fix it I watered my cell trays with addition of Miracle-Gro. Hope this will do.

Space in the student polytunnel is a premium these days. Nearly every square centimeter seems to be filled with pots and trays. The congestion may even increase as we are progressing into the pricking out season.