When you take an owenership of a piece of land and start cultivating it you become very protective of it. You start realising all dangers which can creep and crawl onto your plot and thinking of a potential line of defence. Below I uploaded some pictures featuring various ideas of plot protection applied by my classmates and myself.

Anti-bird protection

Neil came with an idea of sticking birch twigs over vegetable beds to deter birds from landing and munching on germinating seeds.

Birch twigs on Neil’s plot

Anti-mice protection

Apart from using chili powder on seeds and building a anit-mice cage I designed a physical barrier which should stop mice from entering my plot. This consists of wood panels (scrap parts of my old bed frame) which are weighted with bricks. This keeps the fleece in place and creates a solid barrier on its edges. So far it works.

Wood panels and bricks

Anti-human protection

As student plots are located within the public garden they are attracting interest from visitors who may accidentally cause damage. Students cultivating plots which are closer to the path are especially aware of it and devised a range of fence-like ideas to clearly signalise to the public (especially to those with kids) the fine line they should not cross.

Willow loop fence on Jessie’s plot

State of art woody herbaceous fence on Sara’s plot