Acer platanoides L. 'Crispum' 19031037 David Knott on 20/10/2007

Acer platanoides L. ‘Crispum’ 19031037 David Knott on 20/10/2007

Schools or community groups please see new grant details:

The Tree Council’s Tree Futures offers help for tree planting through two grants programmes, the ‘Trees for Schools‘ and ‘Community Trees‘ funds. Any school or community group within the UK that is planning a project that actively involves children under 16 is encouraged to draw on the fund to plant trees and make a greener future.

The Tree Council’s National Tree Week (this year from 23 November to 1 December) is the focus for these projects and successful applicants organise their planting events in conjunction with our annual celebration of the new tree planting season.

In addition, in 2013 we are offering funds for fruit tree planting by schools and community groups through our Orchard Windfalls fund.

 We are able to fund projects between £100 and £700 and successful applicants will receive up to 75% towards their planting costs. For example, if your project totals £700, The Tree Council would offer up to £525. The remaining 25% will need to be secured by your school or organisation.

Applications for 2013 are now OPEN.