Inverleith House has recently opened the new exhibition, Boys and Pastel, by the young Swiss artist, Nicolas Party. Party undertook the MFA course at Glasgow School of Art and was invited to make an exhibition which responded to the Royal Botanic Gardens in spring time, and to the unique environment of Inverleith House._DSC3429 BParty and a team of seven assistants spent two weeks transforming the formal Georgian interior of Inverleith House into a spectacular environment full of decorative wall paintings that span every available inch of the seven gallery spaces. These patterned murals act as a framing device and wondrous stage set for a new series of pastel compositions and charcoal drawings.


The total environment created by Boys and Pastel directly responds to and mirrors the surrounding botanical context of Inverleith House, ushering in elements of the Garden through the repeated tree motifs and rocky landscapes, and animates the stillness of the gallery space.


The exhibition is open until 21st June, and since its opening on 1st May, the show has continued to prove popular amongst adults and children alike.