splash-port-xhdpiThis is support info for the Birds of the Peramagroon.

This app contains information on the 133 birds known from Peramagroon Mountain in Northern Iraq. It is based, with permission, on the book “Birds of the Middle East” (Bloomsbury 2010) by Richard Porter and Simon Aspinall but includes a novel filtering mechanism to allow the list of birds to be sorted by key characteristics. It is intended to be a handy tool for use in the field.

The enhanced eBook of Birds of the Middle East is available for Android from the Google Play Store and for iOS devices from iTunes Store

Many of the same birds will be found in similar habitats nearby. This app can therefore be used in other places but with care.

How to use:screenshot-640x920-02

  1. Navigate between screens using the buttons at the top left and top right of the screen.
  2. On the Species screen tap a bird in the list to see its description.
  3. Set a Filter to change the order of the species list. Birds that match the filter most closely will come first.
  4. The numbers on the species list are their filter score.
  5. Tap Clear to empty the filter and reset the order.


  • ad – adult
  • juv – juvenile
  • ♀ – female
  • ♂ – male

Any questions?

If you have any questions regarding the app please leave a comment below.