climbing onion

Climbing onion plant

Boweia volubiis

Family: Asparagaceae


One of the most peculiar plants in the arid lands glasshouse in flower right now. this bizarre scrambling climber in the same family as the hyacinth. In its natural habitat it experiences large contrasts in rain fall and can survive times of drought by storing water. It is a succulent plant and prefers to grow in free draining cacti and succulent compost. It will make an excellent plant for the window sill, and is very easy to look after, as long as you remember to increase watering when the new shoots emerge and to water less when the stems start to die back after flowering.


Place of origin

The green bulb is native to the Eastern parts of South Africa.

Did you know?

This plant is thought to have magical properties and is used by the Zulu in love charms.