A recently published nomenclatural paper in the Nordic Journal of Botany looks like a precursor for the tranfer of Pulsatilla (Pasque Flowers) as a genus to a section within the genus Anemone. It has been known for a while that a number of well known genera like Pulsatilla and Hepatica are so genetically close to “true” Anemone that it is probably worth transfering them all to that genus.

Pulsatilla ambiguaPulsatilla turczaninoviiPulsatilla sukaczevii







Normally this kind of things happens all the time in botanical science and passes off without much notice in the real world. However, in this case it will not doubt raise the hackles of gardeners everywhere.

When it comes to plants names the conflict between gardeners and scientists is nothing new. In 1834 George Don Jnr. transfered the genus Azelea into the genus Rhododendron and it caused an outcry. So much so that John Claudius Loudon lamented the loss of Azelea by writing, “However technically correct…[it is] injudicious in a practical view point.”Strong words indeed!

Although I imagine most folks these days might just say ‘bloody scientists’.