The Magnolia season is well and truly with us, the weather conditions have been perfect for these magnificent deciduous trees to bloom in profusion and for such an extended period with no damaging frost to talk of.

Magnolia campbellii is native to the Himalayas and western China. Associating well with the tree species Rhododendron predominantly around 2500 – 3300m on mountain sides.

The cultivar ‘Charles Raffill’ has much deeper colour through the tepals, a deep rosy purple.

It pays to look up into the canopies at this time of year although; quite often it is the carpet of fallen petals at your feet that gives away the beauty above.

Magnolia campbellii

Magnolia campbellii

Magnolia campbelllii 'Charles Raffill'

Magnolia campbelllii ‘Charles Raffill’