You may  be interested to know that there is a small display in the library foyer, just up the stairs from the garden’s memorial, covering our WW1 Roll of Honour, so not just the 20 members of RBGE staff who were killed during the First World War, but also a list of all the 73 men who enlisted during the war.  I’ve also been able to tell the stories of a few men who were closely connected with RBGE, but because they were not employed here during the War, are not mentioned in our Roll of Honour or the Memorial.

Reginall Farrer and his exemption certificate

Reginald Farrer and his exemption certificate

George Forrest’s and Reginald Farrer’s views of the War are also included, as well as our involvement in the collection and identification of sphagnum moss for use as sterile dressings in the military hospitals.

The display will be out for the month of November, with the Roll of Honour hopefully on permanent display throughout the next four years.

We  intend to keep publishing information and the results of ongoing WW1 research on Botanics Stories.

Public access to the foyer is via the main reception to the science buildings at 20A Inverlieth Row during office hours.

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